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 Its difficult to put into words just what an amazing person Donna is, as well as being a wonderful teacher she has endless patience and is great fun to be with.

During the covid lockdown she did everything she could to get us back dancing which brought a little ray of sunshine and hope into our lives. This had a massive positive effect on us all, during this very difficult time.

She puts endless amounts of time and effort into organising dances, social events and even dance holidays for us all.

Thank you so much for everything you do and for all your help, guidance and support in the years we have known you.

Peter & Elaine Royle



 Donna, is always a joy to be around, her smile lit up a room. She gives you confidence, happiness and shows you the fun of dance. She explores all different avenues of dancing and gives you the boost you need.

I can highly recommend her private lessons. 

She gives you 100% time effort and help. We'll worth the money and even more.... 

Donna thank you without your guidance and help I wouldn't have come this far... 

Highly recommend her no matter what she is the person to go see for lessons... 

Cherese Brooks








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 Donna is great and makes you feel totally relaxed in every class.

There's a lot to learn but she makes it light hearted, fun and there's

no pressure to get it right or wrong.

It's perfect for couples who need an hour a week

just to do something joyous together! 

Thank you for your patience Donna,

we look forward to our class every week.







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