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My name is Donna Poole & I've been teaching & running

 for over 30 years. 
I've trained as a competitive dancer but my passion is to get as many of you up
 on that dance floor as possible.
 May it be as a hobbie, to meet new friends or for that cruise you've booked
 a class or a private lesson or two could be just the trick. 
I love working with wedding couples to help them create that magical first dance
 may it be a simple routine or dazzling everyone with a trick or two.
Maybe you want to organise a different hen party/ celebration or team building day
you'll find examples of this sort thing as you peruse through the nest few pages. 
So please look through my site & contact me to to discuss your requirements. 
I look forward to hearing from you.

Who can you spot from this line up?......
from left to right  .....Me & My brother, Anton De Beke (with glasses) next to me,
Ian Waite (in the middle) & Warren & Jane Bullock from Baby Ballroom far right


Tickets on Sale now for Ballroom Blitz
Saturday 5th October

Next New
Beginners class starting

Wednesday 11th September
See classes heading for full details

School Trip to Blackpool

Dancing at the famous Blackpool Tower

Look who I've been

out with..
When Anton comes
to Norwich we
aIways catch up

I caught up with
Strictly's Kai
at International dance Championships at
The Royal Albert Hall

And the Stunning Lauren 
when she came & sat
next to me at a
performance with

On the right -

And of course the
gorgeous Giovanni -
What can I say....

September 2022 

I caught up with Vincent Simone

before his show

Tango Passions at 

The Apex -

Bury St Edmunds

Below Strictly's

Pasha, Graziano,

Brendan, Flavia, 

 Ian & Camilla

when they've visited Norwich. 

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